How We Got Started    

      Established in 2010, The Original 8mm company has just re-launched as Auma Gemstones handmade jewelry. The company has set itself apart with unique shapes and color choices. All natural gemstones are hand selected and examined to create a work of art as no two stones are alike. 

     Our bracelets are meant to stay on your arm 24/7. The mission of Auma Gemstones is to give you the option to have "the real deal". 

      While shopping in many fine department stores, I found plastic and acrylic jewelry. The jewelry was mass produced ... 50 of the same colors, shapes, and sizes; and with such crazy over the top prices that I knew I could offer a better value for the buck, With all items made from a selection of Sterling Silver, Natural Gemstones, and Swarovski Crystal, we make three sizes of most items in order to offer as wide a selection as possible.